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These are words that describe LIFE. You have to shift, twist, jump; do some kind of movement to feel COMFORTABLE with yourself. 


Hello and welcome to this site.

I am MADAME LIJA. I am here to SHARE my experience, GIVE and RECIEVE advice, and also UPLIFT the MIND, BODY, AND SOUL.

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Once again, welcome to my page. I am Madame LiJa. I am from West Africa, Liberia base in Texas. I have been through so much over the years, in the hands of people that I call my family. For over five years, I lost my sense of being. Thank the Almighty God for giving me strength to pick myself up and keep going. I am not fully heal. I still have struggles. I have decided to surround myself with things that make me happy, things that motivate and encourages me. This is why I decided to start this blog, to share my experience and connect with others.

If you want to know more me, please feel free to leave a comment or send a message. Thank you


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